Service Management

iTech AG understands the importance Service Management in the stability of an organization’s IT services. We work with our customers to define and establish comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) processes based on ITIL v3 principles to provide the proper level of structure while still allowing them to be nimble. We understand the breadth of ITSM extends past just the incident and change management processes and requires detailed attention to other critical areas, such as availability management, capacity management, and the possible need for a service catalog. Workforce enablement is key to ensuring the right people within your organization have the proper tools to successfully accomplish their mission. ITSM implemented properly can help your organization align IT priorities with Business Priorities as well as integrate Cybersecurity through imbedded compliance controls. We focus on integrating those critical processes to deliver the greatest value.

One Integrated Service Management Platform

Today’s IT world demands efficiency to allow an organization to focus on their customers. iTech AG has the experience in delivering the proper IT Service Management tool (i.e. ServiceNow, Remedy, and other industry leading tools) to bring all the Service Management processes and data together to provide that efficiency. The right tool will provide visibility into the reliability and stability of your IT services, helping you track performance of SLAs and related KPIs.

Having one integrated Service Management process and platform can also help identify bottlenecks or trends in business disruptions or inefficiencies and proactively seek to remediate them. Integrating your Service Management processes is a challenging task and needs to be tailored to each organization. It can include creating a Service Catalog for an intake process of service requests and introducing automation and orchestration to the processing of those service requests. It includes consolidating configuration items into a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to provide visibility into the impacts of incidents and changes across your entire IT landscape. It includes integrating your incident management, change management, and release management processes to provide clear visibility and transparency on which incidents are being resolved, by which change, as part of which release.

iTech AG focuses on bringing visibility to your IT infrastructure, establishing IT Governance, and helping you focus on making fact-based decisions to provide business-critical IT services that power your enterprise. By integrating and improving your organization’s IT Service Management, iTech AG can help you shift your budget from operations and maintenance to innovative initiatives.

ITSM can be integrated with Cybersecurity to help imbed compliance controls into your business and IT processes.

Enterprise Service Desk

Using iTech AG for your service desk needs can help cut operating expenses, increase end-user productivity, and allow you to scale easily. We work with you to help implement ITIL v3 standards to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Providing a single point of contact for end-users, our service management team is there to help with incident resolution and communications along the way.

Our globally integrated enterprise service desk drives the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We utilize the service desk functions as defined by ITIL where the main objectives are:

  • Act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for all IT Customers
  • Maximize service availability
  • Restore service whenever possible
  • Provide business systems support