IT solutions delivered in today’s digital age

DevOps focuses on engineering and automation practices for development and operations and the cultural alignment between those teams. It is the innovative engine that enables the continuous evolution of IT systems, bringing business, development and operations stakeholders together to streamline IT delivery. iTech AG’s DevOps services helps organizations define, implement and run DevOps to compete successfully in today’s fast pace digital world. DevOps represents both a technology and a culture change. In the DevOps environment, no longer are applications “built” as one distinct activity and “maintained” as another. Rather, automation techniques are utilized for deployment, environment set-up, configuration, monitoring and testing. This accelerates the interaction between development teams, which focus on building applications, and operations teams, which are accountable for releasing and maintaining those applications. The result: faster, more predictable deployments to market, performed with radically greater efficiency, to enable companies to sustain their competitive edge, enter new markets and scale their business.


Agility is needed to keep up with today’s market

DevOps is an innovative engineering practice that can deliver applications faster with more flexibility, allowing companies to operate in a more streamlined manner. It allows companies to shift from traditional phased delivery models to a continuous delivery mindset, made possible by better integrating teams within IT and employing more automated processes.

Customer-facing digital and mobile applications require rapid change without compromising quality in order to respond to very short feedback cycles from customers. Enterprise systems call for more efficient and automated development and deployment approaches to keep pace with business. DevOps supports the requirement for greater efficiency and speed in both digital and enterprise applications, making it a key enabler in today’s high velocity business environment.


Assessment & Strategy

We assess the maturity of your development and operations teams and then create an implementation strategy and roadmap which sets the course for DevOps execution.

Application Architecture

We define an architecture that supports automated releasing, scalability, feature control, automated testing, instrumentation and operability.

DevOps Implementation

We provide implementation services to design and build a tooling platform to support DevOps practices from development to production. We institute version control for all production artifacts and treat the entire data-center infrastructure as code. As a result, servers and even entire datacenters can be consistently recreated, whether they are on premise or in a public or private cloud. Additionally, we define the right governance and implement key lifecycle practices:

Continuous Integration

Allows for code to be integrated frequently and in small increments. As code changes are made, they are compiled and tested automatically.

Continuous Testing

Uses techniques such as test automation, and service virtualization to allow comprehensive testing to be performed on every change made. The same tests can be run perpetually in production to provide semantic monitoring of application functionality and performance.

Continuous Delivery

Helps IT shift from batch to real time releases where small changes (for example, an enhancement or single fix) are made, assured and deployed individually, potentially even to production. System change becomes the norm.

Organizational Change

We help organizations change their IT operating model and implement DevOps behaviors. iTech AG provides learning and performance support, allowing those impacted by the change to develop the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities required to deliver the change.

IT Operating Model

iTech AG can help clients translate their business and IT strategies into a coordinated set of DevOps processes, roles, governance structures, performance metrics and organization structures. Through our IT Operating Model services, organizations can define, build and deploy a blueprint for DevOps to drive desired change in IT service quality, responsiveness and cost.

DevOps Managed Services

iTech AG can provide DevOps services on an ongoing or managed services basis. Our managed services focus on orchestration, test environments, deployments and operations, freeing up client resources for application design, development and testing—enabling you to achieve continuous delivery.