Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing – the dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities – is a delivery model that can provide increased operational and financial flexibility. Companies and Government Agencies can get the most out of moving capital expenditures to operational expenditures through consumption based models. Our agile approach for a cloud transition has enabled our clients to realize cost savings, almost immediately, while modernizing their operating environment and improving organizational efficiency.

iTech AG can help with your organization’s cloud transformation. We work with our clients to identify the best model for their organization. Having experience and expertise in both a hybrid environment or full migration to the cloud, as well as PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS solutions, we will chart the right course for success. We can assess your portfolio of applications and infrastructure, identifying where applications can be rationalized and where a PaaS or SaaS solution would provide the most value. Whether it be corporate critical functions, such as human resources and finance, or the backbone of the IT Service Management operation, iTech AG has the experience and approach for moving to the cloud and delivering your organization cost savings.

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