Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) is more than just one unique project management process or technique. It is an umbrella term for 32 guidelines that define a set of requirements that a Project/Program management system must meet. Fundamentally, this management process will provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems throughout all phases of a project/program’s life cycle.

Whether you are a government organization looking to implement EVM on an investment to comply with oversight reporting, or a company that is looking to obtain ANSI/EIA-748 certification, iTech AG is your ideal partner in this important endeavor. iTech AG assists clients in updating and aligning their existing processes so that they meet their reporting needs. We have extensive experience developing proven, and ANSI/EIA-748 compliant, EVMS designs that our clients have adopted and turned into live systems used to manage their work on a daily basis.

iTech AG will guide you through each phase of our EVMS process.