Capital Planning and Investment Control

iTech AG supports various government agencies through Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) process. iTech’s CPIC practice helps agencies employ and improve their decision-making process to ensure IT investments integrate strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, and the management of IT projects that truly support mission and business needs.

How can iTech AG help you?

iTech AG , by utilizing the Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) Framework, provides guidance through both classroom training and on the ground consulting to either implement your current CPIC Process or develop of a CPIC process tailored to meet your business unit’s needs, ensuring alignment with strategic goals, regulatory and legislative guidance.

iTech AG provides training and support in the development of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) documents related to project management activities to stand up the project and provide expertise in the development of solid budgets, spend plans, risk management, burn rate tracking of labor, contractors, software, hardware and licenses, dashboard, repetitive and ad-hoc reporting.

iTech AG supports full cycle monitoring to ensure that investments are spent in the most effective manner. We support the necessary reporting frameworks such as business cases, baseline financial and integrated schedule management, health assessments, dashboards and other various government reporting needs.

iTech AG brings experience in the following areas:

  • Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) Process Support
  • Business Case Development & Analysis
  • Alternatives Definition & Analysis
  • Investment Scoring & Prioritization
  • Exhibit 300s & 53s Preparation, Training, Reviews, Scoring, and Submission
  • Monthly Exhibit 300B Preparation, Review, and Submission
  • Development and Implementation of Financial Tools to Plan, Monitor, and Track Funding and Spending
  • CPIC Guidance & Thought Leadership
  • Budget Formulation, Justification, Management, Tracking, and Analysis
  • Risk Management Support
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