Agile PMO

The development of Agile processes, that have been implemented by our Federal and Commercial clients, have introduced new ways of thinking about Program and Project Management. This has had a direct impact on how Program and/or Project Management Offices (PMOs) operate after being established.

iTech AG’s approach to standing up and managing an Agile PMO support processes that include planning in detail for short term horizon and re-planning at frequent intervals, based on continuous re-assessment of priorities and value of potential deliverables. If integrated into your PMO correctly, these Agile processes will provide your project managers and other stakeholders critical information that will allow them to understand how Agile Project Management works, therefore driving towards adoption of a successful office.

Certain PMO artifacts will still be needed regardless of Traditional or Agile PMO such as a schedule, budget, risks/issues, and managing stakeholder expectations. iTech AG can help introduce new artifacts that will increase the productivity of your Agile PMO such as the right Agile tool based on your business needs that will integrate with your existing PMO tools.

For those organizations that are operating under an Enterprise PMO structure, a majority of the time, there are a mix of project and program types that are managed under the EPMO’s direction. No matter what the level (Portfolio, Program, or Project) or the size of your organization, delivering “on demand” reports to all different levels of your business is one of the key factors in determining whether your PMO implementation is a successful one or not.